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Radio Station Requests
Gravy Train
Driving Back To Your Arms
A Happy Start
After 20 Years
Its This Job I Do
You Give Me No Reply
When I Get To Feel This Way
Gotta Be Safe
Theres A Wild One Going On
Some Things Aren't Meant To Last
Waiting For My Life To Begin
The Color Of Oil
Shutdown Blues
Another Brother Down
People We'd Like To Thank
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Back to work time safe.

 Order your copy of the Tig Wired CD Ne Obliviscaris now !!!

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Click Here To Play "Gotta Be Safe" Video

Click Here To Play " Shutdown Blues " Video

Click Here To Play "There's A Wild One Going On" Video

The Album / CD
It is called NE OBLIVISCARIS and is a musical composition which touches on most of the aspects of working life in the construction industry. If you are a welder, fitter , rigger, scaffolder, millwright, boilermaker, pipefitter, ironworker or involved in the trades in any fashion you will appreciate the words and music about the industry.

Welcome to our web site!

TIG WIRED is music geared towards the people who work in the industrial service areas, welders, fitters, riggers, brickies, tin bashers, boiler hogs, pipefighters, inspection guys, scaffold gods and the get the'll get the meaning too!!.
If you like good solid music with a taste for blues, rock, reggae and some new age stuff, then you are gonna love this site....
Click on any of the song titles to the left and listen to the tune from that page. Lyrics are on each songs page and musicians who helped are listed on the People We'd Like To Thank Page
 Some of the song pages are still under construction so bear with us as we continue to get it all together.
We are putting together some pictures in a slide show format to watch with some of the tunes. You may be in there somewhere, pictures are of guys working from Coast to Coast and date back some 20 years. Some of the Brothers shown are long gone now but having worked with them I'm sure they would have found this to be a good presentation of life on the road.
Let us know if you are in the show !!

The CD is done and now available to be purchased.

People in the Trades who do stuff check them out....

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Purchase Tig Wired Ne Obliviscaris from Tig Wired Music Inc.

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